Kitchen cabinet painting is an ideal way to give your kitchen a fresh facelift, without paying for the costly installation of new cabinetry. If you’re on a budget, then professional painting of your kitchen cabinets gives you the sleek, professional look of new cabinets, without the hassle and expense of doing it yourself. Painting cabinets can be tricky, and having professionals tackle the job will ensure a great-looking result. If you’re considering professional kitchen cabinet painting in Halifax, what will it cost?

In-home Assessment Is Important

When a professional painting contractor is pricing out cabinet painting job, there are a few things he must consider when presenting the quote. An in-home assessment is vital for an accurate estimate, first and foremost. It gives an opportunity for him to see the home, the scope of the job, and take any measurements that might be needed.

Door Colour and Conditions

The condition of the current kitchen cabinets will have an impact on the overall cost of the job. For example, older cabinetry with some damage will require repair before proceeding with the paint job. Newer cabinets without much damage will have less prep work, resulting in a lower cost to the client.

Colour can be important to think about as well. Going from a dark look to a lighter, brighter colour will require more prep, possibly needing more sanding, priming, and coats of paint. Of course, refreshing a neutral tone with another will be less labor-intensive.

New Hardware Needed?

With a kitchen cabinet update, one must consider whether or not to update the hardware. If you prefer to keep your current hardware, there is no additional cost considerations there. If an update is in order, of course, that will factor into the final cost of the job. With new hardware, there is also the possibility of having to relocate the position of the pulls and patch the old spots. It’s easy to forget about hardware, but it is definitely something to think about!

Professional Cabinet Painting Is A Great Value

Having your kitchen cabinets professionally painted is a terrific value and convenience over a full cabinet replacement. It’s easier on the environment, as well. In addition, you get gorgeously painted cabinets without the hassle of repairing, sanding, priming, or painting yourself. Kitchen cabinet painting in Halifax is more affordable than you think!

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