Most homeowners looking for a great Halifax painting contractor are, understandably, focused on finding out the interior painting cost. Of course, everyone wants quality work at a fair price, and there are several factors to consider when determining the home painting cost.

In other words, if you ask, “How much will it cost to paint my interior?” The answer will be an unqualified, “It depends!”

Every home has it’s own unique qualities, so there is no “one size fits all” answer to house painting cost. Calling Gallagher Paint and Paper for a free in-home estimate is the way to get a dependable quote for your Halifax house painting project.

So, just what are those factors that determine the interior painting cost?

Number and Size of Rooms

One of the more obvious factors to determine home painting cost is the number of rooms in question. The simple equation to remember is “more rooms = greater cost.” The size and number of rooms will be one of the most important factors to consider when quoting a particular painting job.

Square footage and room height are also important factors in determining interior painting in halifax cost. The larger the space in both height and width, the greater the amount of time it takes to paint, increasing the cost of the project.

Scope of Paint Job

Different people have different painting needs. Perhaps your walls are looking great, but the trim is in need of attention. Maybe you’re looking for a complete makeover of the space, and want all walls, ceilings, and trim painted fresh.

The condition of the walls can have an effect on painting costs, since major patching and repairs add time and effort to a paint job. Homeowners may elect to repair and patch any damage ahead of time, saving on interior painting costs.

Consider the colour of the walls you intend to paint. The existing colour can effect the cost estimate. Darker walls requiring more coats to cover over are, naturally, more labor intensive than one neutral tone exchanged for another.

In short, the scope of your job is going to factor into the final project estimate.

The Furniture Effect

Wait, what’s the furniture effect, you ask? An important factor in determining home painting cost is determining how much work beyond the actual painting itself needs to be done.

Some homeowners want to hire a painting contractor to do everything, like moving furniture away from walls and clearing clutter in advance of painting. Others want to save money by doing all of the preparation themselves, leaving painters with just the job of…painting!

Bear in mind, if your space has a lot of furniture and knick-knacks, you might want to pack them up during a paint job. Empty rooms are the fastest to paint, of course, but that is the ideal painting scenario, not the reality for most homeowners. The rule-of-thumb is “all furniture to the center of the room and covered.” The more budget-conscious client can collaborate with the painting contractor to adequately prep the space ahead of time, saving money.

Give Gallagher Paint & Paper a call today for your free in-home estimate, and get ready for your new and improved home interior!