More than one person out there has looked at their shabby kitchen cabinets and wondered, “Couldn’t I paint that?” In the spectrum of DIY projects, painting is an accessible one that, at first glance, doesn’t seem to require much know-how. As these things go, though, painting is also one of the most visible types of DIY projects. Meaning, if the job isn’t done well, it’s pretty easy to see. Some major issues can arise when you’re painting your own kitchen cabinets. Let’s consider a few things to think about when approaching DIY kitchen cabinet painting.

Improper Cabinet Preparation

Preparation is a vital component in achieving that sleek, gorgeous finished look that you desire in painted cabinetry. If you’ve ever stood in the paint brush aisle at your local home improvement center, you know the incredible variety of different brushes and rollers from which to choose. It’s hard to know when to use a brush and when to use a roller, whether your paint could use an additive to help eliminate brush strokes, and how to properly sand down and repair imperfections in the wood. Improper preparation can result in an end product with unsightly streaks, making it clear to all it was a DIY job.

Gallagher Paint uses top quality spray equipment to paint your cabinet doors in their specially-designed shop, in addition to using professional techniques and know-how to sand down and repair any existing imperfections. The end result is a long-lasting, attractive, and professional paint job that you’ll admire for years to come.

Can You Find The Time?

Painting cabinets is a surprisingly time-consuming job for the DIY painter. The job practically requires a home be thrown into chaos as the job begins and stretches into days or even weeks. Removing cabinet doors to scrape, sand, and repair can take a long time, consuming entire weekends — and that is before painting even gets started! The kitchen is thrown into disarray during the entire experience, which might be OK if the kitchen weren’t the most important room in the house. For the inexperienced DIY painter, painting kitchen cabinets can be an arduous process.

Using a professional like Gallagher Paint & Paper makes it easy from the get-go. They handle all door prep and painting off-site at their specialized shop, taking a lot of the mess and fuss completely out of the home. They come into the home only when they’re ready to paint the sides and fronts of the cabinet boxes, and do so as quickly and efficiently as you expect from experienced professionals. Only when the actual painting is happening are areas taped off or blocked from full functionality.

The Gallagher Difference

Using Gallagher Paint & Paper to paint your kitchen cabinets avoids all the hassle and mess of painting your own kitchen cabinets. Leverage their experience and professional know-how for gorgeously painted kitchen cabinets that will feel entirely fresh and new!

Call our office right away to schedule your in-home estimate, and start dreaming of your new cabinets today!