Kitchen Cabinet Painting Halifax

One of the unique painting services we offer in Halifax is kitchen cabinet painting.
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Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Halifax NS and surrounding areas

Clients who are doing renovations or updating other aspects of their kitchen often don’t want to spend the cost of new cabinets but they still would like a facelift to their old cabinets.

New cabinets seem like a waste, as there’s nothing wrong structurally with their old cabinets, so kitchen cabinet painting is the best alternative.



Professional and Experienced Cabinet Painters

All of our cabinet painting is handled by owner and general manager Marc Gallagher at his cabinet spraying shop. This ensures the best possible finish is achieved when spraying your cabinet doors.

All cabinet painting is done using a variety of products from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Mill Supply.

We use 3 products depending on each job: waterborne alkyd, waterborne laquer, and solvent based laquer. When providing an estimate, we will help you choose the best option that will provide the best finish and the best durability.

We can match most any colour you’d like for your cabinets, so let your imagination run wild!



The Cabinet Painting Process

Initially Marc and Juanita will come to your home and provide a custom estimate for your cabinet job. The cost is based on the size of your cabinet doors, number of doors, current condition and what coating/product is on the doors now.

Much of the work to get a fantastic finished product comes from the preparation of your doors prior to painting. Marc has years of experience in spraying cabinet doors. He and his team know how to prepare all surfaces to produce an amazing finished job.

Your doors are removed and taken to Gallagher Painting spray shop where they are prepped and painted. It takes approximately 6 coats to produce the desired finish.

If you have framed kitchen cabinets (there’s a vertical piece of wood between the doors) then those surfaces will be painted on site using the same product but with foam rollers.



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If you’re thinking of refinishing or painting your kitchen cabinets give Gallagher Painting a call (902) 830-5837. We’ll provide you with a risk free estimate and answer any of your questions or concerns on the cabinet painting process. We look forward to hearing from you.



Our Halifax Kitchen Cabinet Painting Work

Want to see more examples of past projects? Check out our Halifax cabinet painting work below.