If you take a long look at the exterior of your home and think, “Hmm, that could really use some freshening up,” then it’s possible you’ve thought about painting it yourself. Painting is a DIY project that many homeowners tackle on their own — after all, it’s easier than installing a new kitchen! It’s the kind of DIY project that seems “easy.” However, there are three common issues that tend to pop up when painting the siding on your own home.

Issue #1: Improper Preparation

Few DIY painters realize that prep work is, quite possibly, the most important aspect of painting siding. Scraping, sanding, and repairing damage are necessary steps in painting siding properly, and many homeowners make unknowing mistakes during this important process.

Improper preparation is the number one source of issues with a DIY paint job, and can result in bubbling, cracking, streaking, and other unsightly imperfections in the finished look. Even worse, the paint job may not last as long, meaning a shorter time before the siding must be refreshed yet again.

Professionals know the techniques of proper preparation, making the paint job last for years. The curb appeal of a professionally painted home really does leave a strong impression. Usually, that professional siding prep prior to painting makes all the difference in the finished look.

Issue #2: It Takes Time You Don’t Have

A job as ambitious as painting the exterior of your home takes time to complete. Professionals have a team of painters for a job, while the DIY painter often has him or herself — maybe a friend or two if they are lucky. Completing an entire Halifax exterior painting job with just a few people takes a lot of time for inexperienced painter, while pros who paint every day can really move through a job with efficient, impressive speed and results.

In addition, pros have all the ladders, staging, and equipment needed to complete jobs for homes with challenging exteriors. DIY painters have to rent equipment, or try and do without. It makes a difference!

Issue #3: Pros Get Price Breaks, DIY Painters Do Not

Professional painters get their products at wholesale prices, which are much less than retail prices found at home improvement centers. Typically they use one paint shop where they are familiar with the pricing and options, knowing which are ideal for an individual painting project. They aren’t roped into the new “greatest thing” found at the hardware store, paying too much for something that isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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