Aching for a fresh new look to the exterior of your Halifax home? There is an easy option for those looking for a change: painting siding and windows! The cost of painting the exterior of a home is likely an important consideration in the decision-making process. Cost is a relative factor, which is why the answer to the question, “How much will it cost?” is frequently, “It depends!”

What Factors Affect The Final Figure?

Since every home is unique and different, it’s hard to nail down a hard-and-fast figure for a final cost — that is, until you get a in-house assessment of the project by a painting professional. The price range for an exterior paint job of siding and windows runs anywhere between about $1000 and $8000, with most jobs falling somewhere in the middle of those two figures.

When your estimator comes out to see the house, he or she will be looking at a few different things to determine the final estimate.

Size Of The Home & Architectural Details

The size of the house is the first — and probably most obvious — consideration. A small, one-story bungalow has less surface area and takes less time to paint than a two-story craftsman-style home. Consider the amount of siding and windows that will need paint. This will have an effect on the overall cost of the project.

Homes that have architectural details like awnings and dormers make for lovely curb appeal, but do require more attention when it comes to exterior painting. If you have these delightful touches to your exterior, it will require more time and attention to paint, which will affect the total cost estimate.

The Surrounding Terrain & Windows To Paint?

Consider the area around the home. Is it flat, with grass or pavement walkways? This type of exterior makes for quick and easy access to the home. Those areas with rocky landscaping or other difficult footing complicates painting, which must be taken into account when calculating the overall cost.

Does the home have windows that need painting? Not all homes have wooden windows, but those that do would likely require painting if the rest of the siding is being painted as well. This takes extra time and effort, of course, so it would be included in the cost of the final estimate.

Painting The Deck

If your home has an exterior deck that needs staining or painting, the cost for the exterior painting project could exceed the figures noted above. Staining or painting a deck is considered a separate project, distinct from a typical exterior siding and window painting project.

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