For those considering having their kitchen cabinets painted, the most important factor to consider has to be the price. As in most home improvement projects, price is the point on which most decisions are made. The good news is that painting kitchen cabinets in Halifax is more affordable than you think.

Several Factors Affect Price

When a professional painter is putting together a cabinet estimate, there are a few important factors that affect the bottom line figure. The first important consideration is the number of doors that need painting. It’s a pretty straightforward calculation — the more doors, the greater the cost.

Cabinet Condition Makes A Difference

Oak cabinets after painting

Another important consideration when it comes to price is the condition of the cabinets in question. Prior to painting, any existing door damage should be repaired to ensure a top quality finished look. Cabinets in good condition will require less prep work and will result in a lower final cost.

If the doors are a dark colour and you’re going much lighter, there will be more sanding, priming, and prep work than if the cabinets were already a neutral tone.

What About Hardware?

Hardware is a small issue that has surprising impact on a cabinet painting project. Installing new hardware usually requires repairing the cabinet where the old hardware sat. This will add to the overall price of the painting project. If you’re keeping existing hardware, then you’ll save a little in comparison.

Kitchen cabinet quotes are completely individualized — every job is different. An in-home assessment is vital to coming up with an accurate quote.

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